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The Wretched Refuse

Titled 'The Wretched Refuse,' this composition is a powerful reflection of the immigrant experience. Composed for orchestra, choir, and narrator, it features excerpts from high school students' own immigrant stories narrated within the piece. The piece was premiered in 2022 at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan,

Alf Leila wi Leila

This clip comes from a performance with the National Arab Orchestra in Saudi Arabia.  The concert was a celebration of Arab women contributions to music and featured Mai Farouk. singing Alf Leila wi Leila written for Egyptian icon, Um Kalthoum.  The performance took place in 2019 at the Ithra Theater.

Promise (Wa'id)

'Promise' (Wa'id) is a composition that draws its inspiration from the poetry of Mark Anthony. Composed for oud and orchestra, the piece adheres to the Sama'i form, a traditional genre of music found in the Arab world. While rooted in tradition, the composition presents a fusion between east and west, offering a unique and captivating musical experience.

Funeral Dirge

Known as 'Funeral Dirge,' this composition, originally written for a silent film, stands as a collaborative masterpiece between the National Arab Orchestra, the Arab American National Museum, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Crafted for a chamber ensemble, this evocative piece made its debut in 2017 at the Detroit Film Theater.

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